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With all of the turmoil surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to do what we can to help Sunshop customers continue to thrive and grow their businesses in the midst of this uncertainty. The massive influx of ecommerce traffic has brought with it an influx of abandoned orders, so we feel it is not only responsibility to our ecommerce community members, but also our pleasure to assist you in converting more of these customers and generating more sales during this global event. Therefore, we would love to offer any new Sunshop customer access to our complete suite of customer recovery tools free for 60 days!

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Recovery Campaigns

Recover Sales from Lost Customers

cart abandonment email campaigns

Cart Abandonment Email Campaigns

Recover 15% or more of your abandoned carts with pre-built, automated and super-personalized email campaigns. Our lightweight code captures behavioral & contact data on your shoppers, and sends them a series of personalized cart reminder emails that bring them back to finish their purchase.

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browse abandonment email campaigns

Browse Abandonment Email Campaigns

Browse Abandonment emails automatically reengage & recover shoppers that don’t “Add to Cart”, reminding them of the products they were viewing before they left. These gentle nudges and compelling offers will complete your email retargeting strategy, and boost your customer recovery rate significantly!

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sms text message reminders

SMS Text Message Reminders

omplement your abandoned cart emails with gentle text reminders sent directly to your abandoners’ cell inbox for quick & easy engagement. SMS reminders are an unignorable way to help your brand stand out from the email inbox – The ultimate tool for customer reengagement & recovery!

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web push notification sequences

Web Push Notification Sequences

These clickable reminders appear directly on your subscribers’ desktop! No need to worry about open rate, bounces or spam filters! Plus, you can target both abandoned carts & window shoppers separately with unique messaging to encourage reengagement at any stage of the buyer journey.

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On-Site Campaigns

Capture Leads & Increase Conversion

exit intent overlays offers

Exit Intent Overlays & Offers

Capture more emails for your campaigns, recover more lost sales and improve your overall site conversion drastically! The instant a shopper shows signs of trying to leave your site, you can disrupt their exit with an enticing offer to get them to subscribe and encourage them to continue shopping.

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send my cart campaigns

"Send My Cart" Campaigns

A simple way for shoppers to save their cart for later, instead of abandoning it! CartStack’s exit intent technology monitors your visitors, and offers them a simple alternative to abandoning their cart: An email reminder containing with the products they’re interested in.

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Extra Features that Make Your Campaigns Even More Powerful

Real-Time Lead Capture

CartStack sits quietly in the background of your website, capturing email addresses, phone numbers and other contact data as it’s typed on any page. You’ll capture around 5x more email addresses, and more entensive contact information than with any other tool!

A/B Split Testing

A/B split tests allow you to find the perfect messaging to get shoppers engaged with your emails. You can split test the email copy & content for any reminder in your campaigns to improve open rate, click through rate, and maximize your overall conversion.

Form Autofill

"Form Autofill" will capture any and all contact info entered on the checkout page before the shopper abandons, and then repopulate from fields automatically when they return (even if they don't engage with your emails)!

Real-Time Notifications

Immediately receive enriched contact reports on your website abandoners, including contact information, links to social profiles, known organizations and the items your shoppers abandoned

Abandoned Session Replays

Watch shoppers abandon at different stages in the checkout process to pinpoint conversion leaks, identify technical issues with your site and make the improvements necessary to impact your overall conversion

Zapier Integration

Zapier lets you easily connect CartStack to your other marketing tools for automated contact, data & workflow management – allowing you to continue marketing to your leads well into the future.

Product Recommendations

Upsell & cross-sell effortlessly. Our innovative AI watches your shoppers for you, learns about their likes and dislikes, and recommends the products they’ll be most likely to purchase right in the reminder email.


Integrate with any major CRM or marketing automation tool (Salesforce, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, etc) to automatically import contacts & continue to market to them on an ongoing basis!

Enriched Contact Reports

With one click, you’ll scour the web to find as much information on abandoned prospects as possible (additional contact information, social media profiles, known organizations, etc), and save it directly in the contact report.

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We consistently recovered well over six figures a year since we have started with them so the results speak for themselves!

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We spent under 30 minutes setting it up and it brings in up to $20,000 in extra sales per month. Sometimes more. Free money!”

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