Features to Make You a Better Marketer

Whether you're an expert or just getting started with your first online store

Automated Recovery

Set it and forget it! Our automated shopping cart recovery solution runs in the background of your site bringing back customers automatically. What's not to love about a marketing campaign that adds revenue to your bottom line month after month with little to no effort?

Professional Email Design

As part of your free trial, you'll receive a custom email campaign design based on your website's branding. Our creative team are experts at creating email templates that convert. Let us prove it :)

A/B Testing

World class marketers test their assumptions. Our Split Testing feature makes optimizing your campaigns a breeze. Easily test your subject lines or content areas to uncover which messages resonate with your audience, leading to more conversions.

Email Builder

Easily update your email templates with our powerful visual editor. Or, if you are feeling especially nerdy... flip the editor into source mode and edit directly in HTML. We make it easy for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

Actionable Reporting

Take your conversion reporting to the next level with our beautiful, actionable reporting. Our dashboard and reports show you exactly what you need to know to make better conversion decisions with your campaigns and track your recovered revenue.

Campaign insights

We're obsessed with making your website convert better. Our real-time insights feature gives you important information about your campaigns to make sure you squeeze out every last sale possible.

JavaScript API

Looking for more advanced features? Look no further. Our JavaScript API allows you extend our functionality how you please. For instance, insert dynamic coupon codes, display different messages to different visitor segments, include dynamic upsell messages ("Users who bought...might also like..."), track visitors across multiple domains & more!

Secure, Fast Tracking Code

We take your data security & privacy very seriously. Our tracking snippet is served from a secure (HTTPS) location and data is encrypted. And since our code snippet uses asynchronous JavaScript, it loads super fast!

Inject Cart Items

Personalize your abandoned cart emails by including the visitors shopping cart items, increasing the "Oh yeah! I almost forgot I was going to buy that!" effect. Then easily send the visitor back to your website, where they left off, to finish ordering your amazing products :)

Real-time Email Validation

Our monitoring will validate your visitor's emails in real-time (as they are typing) for common spelling mistakes. What does this do for you? A couple things... It will decrease bounces (increasing deliverability rate) and, since we'll be emailing real people, it will bring more recovered orders your way!

Send Emails From Your Domain

Your website visitors and customers expect to hear from YOU! With a simple DNS update you can white-label our email deliverability system so emails are sent from your domain. This means more visitors see your cart abandonment emails — leading to more opens, clicks, and sales. Simple as that!

Multiple Site / Agency Plan

Manage more than one website? You are in the right place, my friend. Add as many websites as you'd like to your account and only pay for usage across all of your sites. Also, for agencies, make sure to ask us about our free white-label solution... your clients will thank you!

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