Book More Reservations from Your Existing Website Visitors!

Automatically send beautifully branded, high-converting reminder emails to visitors that start to book a reservation on your site, but leave without completing it!

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Integrate with Any Booking Engine

Having booking abandonment problems? We’re here to help!

You don’t have to have a “shopping cart” to have a cart abandonment problem! RezRecover works the same for online booking engines as it does for ecommerce websites, by tracking your almost-customers, and sending them conversion focused emails, SMS messages and push notifications to get them back to complete their purchase


55% Average

Open Rate for recovery emails

30% Increase

In average order values for recovered bookings

$20 : 1

Average ROI for RezRecover Customers

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Recover Lost Bookings with Personalized Emails

Send perfectly timed, personalized emails directly to visitors who almost completed a booking! Inject room info, dates, prices and more to maximize your personalization and thus, your recovery results.

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Re-Engage & Recover Distracted Visitors with Push Notifications

Push Notifications are on-screen, clickable reminders that appear away from the overcrowded inbox to ensure your recovery messages reach their destination. Use them to stay top-of-mind with indecisive visitors and drive new bookings

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re engage recover distracted visitors with push notifications image

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Send SMS Text Message Reminders to High-Intent Shoppers

Shoppers that make it far enough into your sales funnel to enter a phone number are often your hottest leads. Recovering these customers is often as simple as a quick text message reminder!

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Drive Conversions & Opt-Ins with Exit Intent Offers

When a visitor attempts to abandon, we’ll quickly display a targeted message to try and get them to stick around or leave an email address. Exit Intent Offers help drive on-page conversion up, booking abandonment rates down, and supply your recovery email campaigns with a steady flow of engaged leads!

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Bonus tools that make your campaigns more powerful!

Booking Engine Data Sync

Store & dynamically inject booking details into your reminders.

A/B Split Testing

Find the perfect messaging that gets results.

Tab Abandonment

Improve conversion rates for easily distracted visitors.

Form Autofill

Automatically repopulate abandoned form fields.

Real-Time Notifications

Keep up with abandonment activity on your website.


Send your CartStack leads to other marketing software.

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