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26 Sep 2022
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10+ Booking Abandonment Email Subject Line Examples with High Open-Rates

Whether you’re sending booking abandonment, confirmation or post-stay follow up emails – the facts stay consistent: great email ...

21 Sep 2022

CartStack’s RezRecover Solution Leverages BEDS© and Conditional Content to Re-Engage Prospective Travelers and Recover Lost Bookings

MINNEAPOLIS, MIN (September 21, 2022) –  CartStack, the leading eCommerce technology start-up behind RezRecover which has set out ...

9 Sep 2022

Using Guest Reviews to Increase Bookings and Lower Cart Abandonment

Let’s imagine that for a moment you are struck by the longing effects of wanderlust. It kicks in ...

1 Sep 2022

7 Customer Retention Strategies to Increase Guest Loyalty at Your Hotel

You’ve heard it said millions of times before – it costs more to acquire a new customer than ...

24 Aug 2022
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7 Irresistible Abandoned Cart Email Templates For 2022

When it comes to abandoned cart email templates, you have a lot of different options to choose from. ...

8 Jul 2022

9 Proven Hotel Email Marketing Examples (Best Practices)

What’s the best way to get the highest ROI from your marketing efforts? If you said “email,” congratulations! ...

4 Jul 2022

The 2022 eCommerce Sales Funnel: Examples & Strategies

The ecommerce sales funnel is an important tool for businesses because it helps them convert more prospects into ...

1 Jul 2022
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Scarcity Marketing Made Simple: How-To Guide For 2022

Chances are, you’ve been the victim of scarcity marketing. Think about it: When was the last time you ...

17 Jun 2022

RezRecover by CartStack Solves $10B Problem For Hotels, Resorts: Booking Abandonment

MINNEAPOLIS, MIN (June 14, 2022) –  Hospitality and travel companies across the globe are wrestling with the multi-billion ...

14 Jun 2022

The Limited Time Offer — A Guide For Ecommerce

Limited time offers are a popular marketing tactic among eCommerce businesses. Why? Because they work! Limited time offers ...