12 Examples of High Converting Abandoned Cart Push Notifications

June 12, 2020

Abandoned cart emails are perfect for recovering lost shoppers who regularly check their inbox and read their emails. But what about those that don’t? The online shoppers who abandon their inbox (just like they abandoned their cart), with pages of unread emails destined for the trash can or, even worse, the junk folder. How do you recover those shoppers?

In our recent blog on multi-channel tools that don’t require email, we looked at three abandoned cart techniques that remind, reengage, return, and recover potential customers to your store, away from the inbox. One of those techniques was push notifications. 

Abandoned cart push notifications are timed, clickable notifications that appear directly on a computer screen, whatever the user is doing. As long as your website visitor opted into your push notifications via the signup prompt, you can send targeted and timely messages directly to their computer screen, without an inbox or your website insight. 

abandoned cart push notifications

To delve even deeper into the possibilities of customer recovery using push notifications, we’re sharing twelve examples of highly effective abandoned cart push notifications. Let’s take a look. 

How Do Abandoned Cart Push Notifications Work?

If you’ve never used or experienced push notifications before, let’s quickly explain how they work. 

  1. A shopper visits your ecommerce store, and following a period of browsing, a push notification subscription prompt appears. This is a small pop-up towards the top of the screen that asks the user if they want to allow notifications from you.

  2. The shopper leaves your website before finalising their purchase. You send them a push notification that is made up of the following:
    • An icon
    • A catchy headline
    • An enticing description including CTA
    • A shortened call-to-action URL

  3. The push notification appears directly on the shopper’s computer screen, regardless of whether they’re still on your website, still shopping, or still browsing the internet. 
  4. Depending on the effectiveness of your push notification content (something we’ll cover below), the shopper either clicks back to their basket or dismisses the notification.

It’s important to note that a shopper can decide not to allow notifications from your store, or dismiss any notification sent. Therefore, it’s crucial that push notifications are used alongside your existing email cart abandonment strategy, not instead of – maximizing your chances of conversion by covering all bases.

Why Do Abandoned Cart Push Notifications Work 

So what is it about these little notifications that make them so great at recovering abandoned carts?

Firstly, shoppers receiving a push notification have opted in to hear more from you. This demonstrates a higher level of buyer intent, making these customers perfectly primed for reengaging. 

Secondly, push notifications “pop-up” on a customer’s computer screen, disrupting their thought process and suggesting a sense of urgency. This compels them to take notice and click. 

Finally, push notifications appear away from the inbox, while still on the computer screen. This means that they’re more likely to be seen at a time and place when it’s easy for the customer to continue their purchase. 

Examples of Abandoned Cart Push Notifications

Enough about how and why push notifications work, you’re here to see the best push notifications in action. The following six examples demonstrate different ways of achieving the four ‘R’s: reminding customers about their basket, reengaging interest in your products, returning customers to your store, and recovering lost revenue. 

Offering help

Your first push notification should offer customers help with their purchase, in the same way that your first abandoned cart email subject line and content do. This ensures that there weren’t any technical problems causing abandonment while positioning yourself as a friendly and helpful brand. 

  • Oops, did something go wrong?
    Need a hand? Our style team is standing by and happy to assist!

Sending a reminder

Apparently, being forgetful is a sign of high intelligence. Therefore, it’s perfectly acceptable to use push notifications to remind your shopper about what they were looking at. Personalization is crucial here, so include relevant content and imagery. 

  • You left these sneakers in the cart
    Do you want us to keep them for you?

Incentivizing purchase

Just because you have a little less space for content in a push notification, doesn’t mean you can’t employ psychological tactics. Offers, deals, and discounts help to persuade the subconscious mind that your brand offers value and quick action is needed before missing out. 

  • Because you deserve it, Chloe!
    Get 20% off those blinds you liked. Use promo code “BLINDZ20” at checkout.

Free shipping 

Nearly three-quarters of shoppers have abandoned their carts due to shipping. Even if you offer free and fast shipping, if it’s not apparent before the checkout page, you can still suffer from this statistic. Push notifications are an easy way to inform customers about your shipping perks and give them another reason to click “buy.” 

  • Free shipping on your sofa
    Enjoy free shipping on us for the next 24-hours. Complete your purchase now!

Social proof

The social proof theory is that when a person doesn’t know what to do, they will look to others and imitate their actions. Therefore, a shopper who’s undecided about buying a product will be significantly influenced by a push notification telling them that others are looking at, buying, or reviewing the same item. 

  • Ben –  five people are looking at that toolset
    Don’t be the one who misses out! Complete your order while it’s still in stock.

Creating FOMO (urgency)

A sense of urgency is created in all of the above examples, but it’s a good tactic to turn up the fear of missing out in the final push notification of your campaign. Urgency and FOMO prompt action, especially when there’s a chance of losing out on an offer. 

  • LAST CHANCE to get these
    These kicks are selling like hotcakes! Grab a pair before they’re all gone…

Bonus examples of unique abandoned cart push notifications

Once you’re experienced with using push notifications for abandoned cart recovery, you might want to experiment with different styles and unique tactics. The following six examples will get your creative juices flowing. 


Cross-selling doesn’t have to be reserved for the checkout stage or post-purchase email. In fact, by using machine learning to discover items typically bought together or next, you can reengage customers and even increase their basket size. 

  • That jacket goes perfectly with these jeans 😍
    Click here to complete your outfit.

Rekindling emotion

Emotion influences 95% of purchasing decisions, with feelings of love, excitement, nostalgia, and even fear behind many conversions. Using personalized content and imagery, you can rekindle this emotion in your push notification, reminding shoppers why they added the product to their basket in the first place. 

  • 💛 Remember how much you loved this wallpaper?
    Brighten up your home with this unique print.

Show personality

Showing personality helps customers resonate and connect with your brand, making it easier to reengage their interest and encouraging conversion. If your brand has a unique personality or tone of voice, use it. 

  • BOO! If that didn’t scare you…
    Your basket expiring in 24-hours will!

Making customers feel special

Since push notifications appear away from the busy inbox and watchful eye of social media, they can feel a little more personal. Use this as an opportunity to speak to your customers on a one-to-one basis, making them feel special and happy to buy from you. 

  • Rohan – we’re holding these clubs just for you
    A swing like yours deserves clubs like these.

Encouraging conversion

Some customers just need a little encouragement over the checkout line, and compliments are a fantastic way to achieve this. Turn your push notifications into that complimentary sales assistant, persuasive best friend, or encouraging partner by giving shoppers that final push. 

  • We’re loving your style Jerry
    Show it off by completing your purchase with (Company) now!

Indirect selling

Finally, sometimes the hard sell approach doesn’t suit your brand or your customers, but you still want a way to recover abandoned purchases. Push notifications can also be used to announce something of interest that doesn’t specifically relate to the abandoned purchase, such as a sale or new season items. 

  • ☀️Ready for some sunshine?
    Our new summer shades have just arrived! Be the first to see what’s new…

Abandoned Cart Push Notifications – Final Thoughts

While we’re sure you want to employ all of the above examples in your push notification strategy, it’s important to remember that less is more. Like abandoned cart and browse abandonment emails, push notifications work best in a series of three. 

  • #1 – supportive and helpful
  • #2 – gentle and encouraging
  • #3 – familiar and persuasive.

We’d love to know how you get on in recovering purchases using push notifications. Join the conversation on social media