5 Irresistible Ways to Incentivize Cart Abandonment Emails

May 18, 2016

Simply sending a cart reminder or two won’t always be enough to entice shoppers back to your site to complete their purchases. Sometimes your customers will need a little extra something to push them over the edge. Try sweetening the deal by adding one of these 5 irresistible incentives to your cart abandonment emails!


1) Discounted Shipping

Unexpected shipping costs is one of the top reasons shoppers abandon their carts. Offering discounted shipping might just remove the exact hurdle that’s standing between your customer and the checkout button. Try offering a flat-rate like the example below, upgrade your customer to faster shipping, or go all out and wow shoppers with free shipping.



2) Percent Off Coupon

Offering to discount a percentage off your customer’s order total is a strategy with two major benefits: Not only will this encourage shoppers to check out, they might even consider buying another item with the money they’ve saved. With a percent off coupon, the more you earn, the more your customers save. It’s a win-win for both of you!



3) Dollar Amount Coupon

Nobody wants to turn down free money. A dollar amount coupon helps customers focus more on the money they’re saving instead of the money they’re spending. Offering a set money amount coupon is a great alternative to a percentage discount: You won’t ever be surprised by the size of the discount you’re giving, and when your customers see that dollar sign, they’ll imagine the money they’re losing if they don’t act fast.



4) Free Gift

Who doesn’t love a free gift? You don’t need to offer a free gift that’s huge or super valuable. Just a little something special so your customers feel like they’ll be missing out if they don’t buy now. Offer a buy one, get one free deal or send a small accessory that compliments a larger product. Better yet, offer a gift with your branding on it so your customers can do some free advertising for you when they use the gift in front of their friends. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving!



5) Access to Locked Content

We all want to be treated like VIPs now and again. Reward your customers for returning to your site with some special treatment. Offer access to exclusive content such as an ebook, video tutorial, private consultation, webinar, or limited edition product that can only be accessed if they shop now.



Bonus Tip: Concerned about giving away too much? Specify a minimum amount your customers need to spend in order to earn their incentive. This will ensure both you and your customer get your money’s worth out of the deal.


Ready to give one of these ideas a try? Head to the Templates page of your CartStack account and add an incentive to the final email in your cart recovery campaign. Not sure which tactic to use? Create an A/B test to determine which incentives your customers find the most irresistible!

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