New Feature Announcement: Back In Stock Notifications Recovery Campaign

March 8, 2021

As the ecommerce industry continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, we’ve seen that more and more businesses are finding it difficult to maintain inventory of high-demand products. Which can be a great sign that your business is doing well… however, it also leads to a poor customer experience, abandoning visitors, and possibly a lower customer lifetime value, since your shoppers are forced to look elsewhere for their needs. 

So we went to the drawing board to create a new way for our customers to engage and recover these lost visitors: Introducing In-Stock Notification Campaigns!

With an In-Stock Notification campaign, you’ll be able to recover sales from shoppers who would’ve purchased a product… had it been in stock.

When a product is out of stock, shoppers will be presented with an option on the product page to be notified via SMS and/or email. Then, when the item is restocked, you can quickly and easily send a blast to re-engage and recover those customers!

back in stock notifications

Why In-Stock Notifications Work

While revenue recovery is the main goal of this campaign, it isn’t the only goal. In-Stock Notifications also work to sustain customer interest by reassuring them the item will come back into stock, and that they’ll be the first to know when it does. 

This tool also helps you capitalize on the social proof that automatically accompanies a product being out of stock. “Out of Stock” is often equal to “Popular Product” in many customers’ minds, and that intrigue is a main driving factor in capturing new subscribers. 

Ready to try Back In Stock Notifications?

This has been our most highly-anticipated feature addition in a long time! However, it does take our team a little extra time to set these up. Because of this, we are working from a waitlist, on a first-come first-serve basis

If you’re a CartStack customer interested in trying out our new Back in Stock Notifications, get in touch and we’ll reach out shortly with next steps.

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