The 10 Best Cart Abandonment Solutions [An Honest Guide for 2022]

March 1, 2022

There is no denying that cart abandonment is a huge problem for online businesses, with an average of 70% of online shoppers abandoning their carts before purchase. This begs the question, how can businesses recover these lost sales?  That is where cart abandonment solutions come in.

These powerful tools help businesses recover hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Cart abandonment tools have the ability to increase conversions, optimize marketing efforts and boost your average email open rates to 50%

By finding the perfect cart abandonment solution for your needs, you’ll be recoveringretaining, and re-engaging your customers in no time. 

So how do you choose the right solution for your business? That’s simple – read through this guide on the top cart abandonment solutions! 

We’re doing a deep dive on the best features, tools and any other important facts you’ll need to make the best choice. 

If you’re ready to bring your lost shoppers back for more, then it’s time to invest in a cart abandonment solution. 

What Are Cart Abandonment Solutions?

Acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining the customers you already have. Cart abandoners already want your products, so it’s important to find ways to to retain and recover these customers. 

Enter cart abandonment solutions.

Cart abandonment software works to reduce your cart abandonment rate by encouraging user action. This is usually done by sending follow up emails, on-site pop-ups, or offering coupons and discounts. 

Other common features include:

  • Browse abandonment tools used to convert “window shoppers”
  • Product recommendations based on items added to an abandoned cart 
  • Automated messages sent through push notifications, SMS, or social media instant messaging

The Best Cart Abandonment Solutions At A Glance

Our top picks:

  • CartStack: An advanced all-in-one cart recovery software that allows businesses to automate multichannel recovery campaigns. Also includes real-time data capture, drag and drop email customization, back in stock notifications, and email, push, and SMS messaging.
  • Omnisend: Automated eCommerce marketing platform with email marketing at it’s core. Focuses on improving the customer experience in order to reduce cart abandonment and recover lost sales.
  • Rejoiner: Email remarketing platform with inbuilt email automation and analytics. Tracks lost conversions and abandoned carts using dynamic customer tags and IP recognition. 

The Best Cart Abandonment Solutions

1. CartStack

CartStack - The Best Abandoned Cart Solution

All-in-One Cart Abandonment Solution for eCommerce, Hotels, and Online Marketing Agencies. (starts at $29/month)

The ultimate shopping cart abandonment solution is CartStack. 

With CartStack, you can use email campaigns and pop-ups to recover and convert customers. CartStack makes it easy to recover lost shoppers quickly, and helps businesses recover 15% of their lost sales on average. 

How is CartStack able to recover these sales? By using real-time customer data capture to truly understand your customers, and bring a personal touch to your recovery and retargeting campaigns.

CartStack helps you quickly build and send cart abandonment reminders via email, SMS or push notifications. You can then use customer data to personalize promotions, offer discounts on shipping costs, or provide social proof to push sales of other similar products.

With a tool like CartStack you’ll understand why your customers aren’t completing their purchases, and make the moves to fix it forever. CartStack is everything you need to start the optimization of your guest checkout process!

The best part? It’s completely automated, and even comes with a guarantee to recover $1000 in lost sales in your first 14 days. 

CartStack’s Best Features:

  • Cart Abandonment Emails – Create beautiful email recovery campaigns quickly with pre-built templates and drag and drop customization. Uses a unique algorithm to analyze sales and purchase data in order to determine the best time to send messages to your customers.
  • Real-time data capture (UVM Monitoring) – CartStack offers the ability to capture customer data while they are still surfing your website. With real-time data capture, your business can record customer data before they reach the checkout page.
  • Back in Stock Notifications – Send recovery reminders to customers when an item they viewed is back in stock. Customer can opt-in to receive these notifications by filling out a contact form on your site.
  • Detailed Reporting – CartStack’s reporting capabilities provide valuable insight into what the software is doing for you. Look into how often campaigns are sent, average order value, which customers responded, conversion rates, and other important metrics.
  • A/B Split Testing – CartStack’s reports dashboard also features A/B testing, and test campaigns can be created in just a few clicks. 
  • One Click Setup – Getting started with CartStack is easy thanks to the platform’s one-click integration process. The CartStack team also offers free set-up assistance and support.
  • Open API – This platform has an open API that allows developers to create custom integrations with additional tools and applications, so you can use third-party apps in tandem with CartStack for more advanced campaign management.

Top Reason to Choose CartStack’s Cart Abandonment Solution:

CartStack is a powerful all-in-one solution with unique features that work to recover customers before they’ve left your online store. 

CartStack does this by focusing on the three customer journey stages that impact customer recovery the most — Awareness, Consideration and Acquisition.

While other tools work to convert customers that have already decided to leave your ecommerce site, CartStack intelligently prompts customers as they move through earlier stages.

How CartStack’s tools work for every step in the customer journey: 


The tools are designed to retain customer interest.

  • On-Site Tracking
  • Real-time data recording that tracks & records your visitors’ journeys and inputs.
  • On-Site Targeting
  • Exit Intent Offers
  • Conversion Nudges


These tools are focused on getting your visitors engaged, re-engaged & recovered.

  • On-Site Targeting
  • Exit intent pop-ups 
  • Browse Abandonment Emails
  • Browse Abandonment Push Notifications


These tools work to recover and convert customers.

  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Cart Abandonment Push Notifications
  • Abandoned Cart SMS Text Messages

Pros of Using CartStack

  • Advanced multi-channel cart abandonment and conversion tools
  • Includes browse abandonment features
  • High ROI and fast results
  • Easy to use and quick set-up
  • 14 day trial with a $1000 Guarantee – Meaning you’ll use CartStack free until you recover $1k, regardless of how long it takes

Cons of Using CartStack

  • Does not offer a free plan, only a free trial period.

Pricing Plan

  • Basic ($29 per month) — Get started with cart abandonment emails. This plan does not include advanced conversion tools.
  • Pro ($49 per month) — This is the recommended plan for most businesses. Get full access to all of CartStack’s best features, including browse abandonment and conversion tools. 
  • Agency ($149 per month) — Best for marketing agencies. Provides the ability to create multiple user accounts, whitelabel weekly email reports, and aggregate reporting.

2. Omnisend


Automated marketing platform for eCommerce businesses (start for free)

Omnisend is a powerful omnichannel marketing platform, that offers email automation, analytics and customer management. This solution works to completely personalize the customer experience.

Omnisend removes the time-consuming work of interacting with, converting and reactivating your ecommerce clients. With simple email marketing, automations, and several available channels, it makes the process easier. 

The best thing about Omnisend is you can get started completely free, with a cap of 500 emails per month. This is great cart abandonment solution for online retailers that are just starting out.

Omnisend’s Top Features: 

  • Personalized Cart Abandonment Emails – Create personalized email messages for abandoned carts and new customers.
  • Automation Library — Omnisend’s Automation Library includes multiple pre-built workflows you can use to quickly automate every step of the customer journey.
  • Detailed Reporting – With detailed reports about when your visitors add items to their cart, the time they abandon the shopping cart, which products are abandoned most often, and more, you can make data-driven decisions about your eCommerce business.

Pros of Using Omnisend

  • You can integrate Omnisend with your existing marketing automation platform so you can access the cart abandonment tool and all of your other tools and applications from one central location.
  • You can create custom cart abandonment campaigns based on customer actions, such as cart abandonment, time since they abandoned the cart, number of days between visits, or number of items left in their cart.
  • Using Omnisend for cart abandonment campaigns can help you convert more customers by creating targeted messages that are triggered after a customer leaves their shopping cart.

Cons of Using Omnisend

  • Emails have been known to get caught by spam filters.
  • No real-time data capture.
  • You can only send a certain number of messages per month based on the email plan you choose, which could cause you to exceed your limit if you aren’t prepared.

Pricing Plan 

  • Free — Send up to 500 emails a month, reach 250 contacts, and up to 60 free SMS notifications
  • Standard (Starts at $16 per month) — Jumps to 6,000 emails, 500 contacts and unlimited web-push prompts. Also includes customer success manager and 24/7 support.
  • Pro ($59 per month) — Expands emails to be unlimited, and also included up to 4000 SMS messages per month. This is best for businesses looking to send a high volume of recovery messages.

3. Rejoiner


Customer recovery platform for eCommerce and online retailers (starts at $25/month)

Rejoiner is an enterprise-level marketing platform that allows you to create customized recovery emails for your customers. It’s one of the most flexible cart abandonment solutions on the market today, which also makes it a bit more expensive than other platforms on this list.

Rejoiner combines cart abandonment software, browse abandonment tools, and email automation in one place to help you increase conversions.

Rejoiner’s Top Features:

  • Browse Abandonment —Identify product page abandoners and send personalized, multi-stage browse abandonment campaigns. 
  • Price Drop Alerts — Customers who are most likely to act on price drops will receive automated notification when a product they viewed goes on sale.
  • Subscriber Features — Has unique tools aim at retaining and re-engaging subscribers. Send welcome emails, first-time promotional offers, lifetime milestone discounts, renewal dates and more.

Pros of Using Rejoiner:

  • 24/7 Live Support 
  • Hands-on campaign management and support
  • Social media messaging options

Cons of Using Rejoiner: 

  • Lacks multi-channel marketing tools
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Does not offer CRM or website management

Pricing Plan

  • Rejoiner Base Plan (Starts at $25 per month) — Includes email campaigns, customer profiles, automated journeys and A/B testing. Good for recovering abandoned shopping carts.
  • Rejoiner Plus (Starts at $1500 per month) — Completely automated email marketing for your business. Includes account management, copywriting and creative design, and reputation monitoring. Best for companies looking for a complete email marketing solution.

4. Jumper


Social media messaging solution for Ecommerce stores (starts at $30/month)

Jumper is great solution for ecommerce businesses looking to help users buy straight from comments, messages or videos on social media – no need to leave their favorite website, platform or app! 

Jumper is entirely focused on what’s called conversational commerce. They work to turn instant messaging into your most powerful sales channel.

With Jumper, your business can automate customer interactions and messaging through the power of chatbots. Whether someone likes or comments on a post, they can expect an instant response back.

These messages work to recover and convert customers by sending links to product pages,  additional product information, or other special promotional offers. 

Pros of Using Jumper

  • Jumio Web API integration
  • Multichannel Live Chat
  • Social CRM

Cons of Using Jumper

  • Pricing plans are not transparent 
  • Not an all-in-one solution for cart abandonment

Pricing Plans

Contact the sales team at to receive a personalized quote. 

5. Recart


Customer recovery tool for growing eCommerce stores (starts at $29/month)

Similar to Jumper, Recart targets customer recovery through instant messaging. This is done through Facebook messenger, email, SMS, and other online instant messaging. 

Recart automates Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing to drive hundreds of millions of dollars for ecommerce brands all over the world. This tool helps businesses increase sales by solving cart abandonment issues, increasing email subscriptions, or through customer service chats.

There are two main components in Recart, an opt-in layer that lets you grow your lists fast with one-click in every opt-in form, and flow tools that let you create your own conversational experiences through Facebook Messenger and SMS – built right within the platform.

Pros of Using Recart:

  • Doesn’t need phone numbers or emails to get started
  • Simple to use
  • Multiple integrations

Cons of Using Recart:

  • Lacks advanced email campaigns and email marketing
  • No in-person support or helpline

Pricing Plan

  • Basic (Starts at $29 per month) — Includes Messenger and SMS tools, abandoned cart recovery, customer journeys, and unlimited visitors. Basic plans charge based on sales generated.
  • Scale (Starts at $499 per month) — Scale plans come with the same features and tools as the basic, but includes unlimited sales per month. The Scale plan comes with an guarantee to 8X your investment, and a dedicated customer success manager.

6. Conversio


All-in-one marketing solution for Shopify (starts at $19/month)

Conversio Cart Recovery is the perfect product for ecommerce companies looking to improve their conversion rates. It supports major ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce and more.

Conversio also features a full suite of automated tools such as cart abandonment emails, demographic research, A/B testing, affiliate programs integration and email alerts so you never miss an opportunity for additional revenue. 

Thanks to Conversio, brands can increase their conversion rates by 8%. Conversio also helps to lower shopping cart abandonment rates by using social proof, like customer reviews, to entice visitors into buying.

Pros of Using Conversio:

  • Strong focus on social proof and testimonials
  • Multiple third-party integrations 
  • Easy to use Shopify widgets

Cons of Using Conversio:

  • Pricing structure currently unavailable
  • Not a robust cart abandonment solution

Pricing Plan:

Please contact the Conversio team for exact pricing details.

7. Carti


Simple cart recovery tool for Shopify (start for free) is a cart abandonment recovery tool specifically made for Shopify stores. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool that helps e-commerce businesses monitor and correct their cart abandonment rates.

Carti is similar to other solutions on this list, like CareCart, and features automated emails, push notifications, SMS messaging, pop-ups, abandoned cart reminders, and last minute sales offers. 

Unlike some of the other Shopify specific tools for cart abandonment, Carti includes browse abandonment features, which allows you to target and recover window shoppers.

If you’re looking for a simple but powerful Shopify cart recovery tool, then Carti is a great choice!

Pros of Using Carti:

  • Simple and easy integration with Shopify
  • Affordable option
  • Includes browse abandonment tools

Cons of Using Carti:

  • Not an all-in-one solution
  • Low-rated customer support
  • Lacks customization

8. CareCart


Cart recovery tool for Shopify (start for free!)

CareCart is a cart recovery solution that helps Shopify retailers recover lost revenue by using advanced cart tracking and email capture to send automated follow up emails and web push notifications. 

CareCart also helps your business increase email subscriptions, entice sales and easily restore abandoned carts. This tool features a fun “Spin-a-Sale” wheel, which gives customers the chance to win discounts and coupon codes.

Pros of using CareCart:

  • Advanced cart tracking and email capture
  • Incredibly affordable pricing 
  • Easy to use and set-up

Cons of Using CareCart:

  • Only for Shopify stores
  • Limited features 

Pricing Plan:

  • Free — This starter plan includes unlimited subscribers, push notifications, email capture, and cart reminders. However, this plan does not come with any email recovery options.
  • Pro ($12 per month) — At only $12 per month, CareCart is without a doubt the cheapest option on this list. Pro package includes all the features of the free plan, but extends to include 300,000 monthly emails.

9. VWO Engage

vwo engage

Best for eCommerce websites, content publishers, and travel websites (starts at $99/month)

Did you know web push notifications have an open rate of 90%? The team at VWO Engage sure does, and that’s why their tool focuses on re-engagement solutions through personalized web push and Facebook Messenger bots.

This software provides behavioral insights based on purchase history, location, browsing behavior, search history and many other factors so you can send dynamic campaigns across multiple channels.

By leveraging web push notifications or Facebook messenger chatbots you can reach out to visitors even when they are not browsing your site.

VWO Engage Top Features:

  • Web Push — With VWO’s focus on web push notifications, your business is able to reach customers from anywhere on the web. Web push messaging helps to increase repeat traffic on your website and recover abandoned carts with personalized push notifications. 
  • Facebook Messenger — VWO is similar to Recart in that it uses Facebook messenger as a primary recovery channel. 

Pros of VWO Engage:

  • Advanced web push notifications
  • Provides 4 times the CTR of just emails
  • Plug n Play Integrations

Cons of VWO Engage:

  • High starting cost of $99 per month 
  • Limited features compared to other solutions
  • Most expensive plan required for cart abandonment tools

Pricing Plan

  • Growth — Get unlimited web push and Facebook messenger notifications, email and chat support, and segmentation. 
  • Pro — Includes more advanced features like the ability to schedule messages, customize branding, and import and export data.
  • Enterprise — This is the only plan that includes cart abandonment campaigns. The best option for large companies, the Enterprise plan includes drip campaigns, cart abandonment tools, and A/B testing.

Contact the team at VWO to receive your quote!

10. PushOwl

push owl

Push notification tool for Shopify (start for free!)

Looking for a tool entirely dedicated to optimizing push notifications? Look no further than PushOwl. 

PushOwl analyzes your sales data to understand which customers are most likely to be interested in receiving notifications, which keeps your push messaging relevant and targeted. The best part is no app is required to send notifications, as they can be sent directly to your customer’s phones. 

The smart web push notification technology provides the opportunity for retailers to recapture sales and increase engagement with personalized messages. PushOwl is customer engagement made easy!

The downside to this solution is that it only features push messaging tools, and does not offer any email marketing, messaging solutions, or advanced customer management.

Pro of Using PushOwl:

  • Intelligent push notifications 
  • Easy to implement and use
  • No app required

Cons of Using PushOwl:

  • No email marketing 
  • Only for Shopify 

Pricing Plan:

  • Free — Comes with 500 impressions per month, automated notification scheduling, conversion tracking and chat support.
  • Business ($19 per month) — Starts at 10,000 impressions per month, includes abandoned cart reminders, shipping notifications and return policy prompts, and advanced subscriber details.
  • Enterprise (Contact for pricing) — Includes everything in the previous plans but adds on browse abandonment, subscriber segmentation, strategy manager, and smart delivery options.


It’s clear that cart abandonment solutions are powerful tools every online business should have in their eCommerce arsenal. 

Optimizing the checkout process by using a dedicated cart abandonment solution can help increase conversions by up to 35%. Who doesn’t want more sales? 

Using a cart abandonment solution is one great way to help speed up customer recovery, and reduce the time and effort it takes for you marketing team to do their job.

Every online retailer and eCommerce business has an obligation to their customers, themselves, and their shareholders—so it’s time to invest in a strategy to recover lost revenue from abandoned carts. 

CartStack offers some of the best tools on the market today that will allow you to optimize the experience for both customers and staff members alike. Contact us today if you want more information on how we can save your company money! 

Psst — don’t forget to sign up for your free trial and recover $1000 in lost sales, guaranteed.