CartStack Goes Multichannel with SMS Reminders + Push Notifications

April 14, 2020

Since the inception of CartStack, we’ve had one goal: Be the best abandoned cart email solution in the world. This guiding principle has always motivated us to iterate quickly on features and make product enhancements that have since equated to hundreds of millions of dollars in extra recovered revenue for our customers. 

Now, we are happy to announce that, for the first time, we are updating that goal: 

Be the best multi-channel abandoned cart recovery solution in the world!

That’s right… CartStack users can now extend their reach and recover even more lost sales with the addition of SMS Reminders & Web Push Notification campaigns!

SMS Text Message Reminder Campaigns

abandoned cart sms messages

Sending abandoned cart emails is an undoubtedly integral part of any online sales strategy. But the fact also stands that a good portion of abandoned cart emails will go unopened and unread simply because they got lost in the inbox shuffle. 

But how often do you get a text message you don’t immediately notice or open? 

SMS reminders are unignorable, and the best way to stand out from your competitors. They add a “land, sea and air” approach to your recovery strategy, allowing you to reach your shoppers in multiple places, and engage with them on their terms to help improve your conversion.

With CartStack, you’ll have the option to send up to 3 triggered text messages, based on the time the abandonment activity occurred. Each message is fully customizable, and can include discounts, promo codes or incentives to encourage shoppers through to conversion.

how to setup abandoned cart text messages

Also, since text messages are limited to around 160 characters, we’ve integrated a shortened, custom tracking link into our SMS campaigns to give you more room to make the most of your messaging. 

Future Proof Your Remarketing

As mobile ecommerce sales continue to outgrow desktop sales, an SMS campaign is a great way to ensure your recovery efforts stay aligned with shopper purchasing habits for years to come. 

Web Push Notification Recovery Campaigns

abandoned cart push notifications

With a Push Notification campaign, you’ll consistently build a pool of cookied, engaged shoppers that actually want to hear from you.

These perfectly timed & personalized reminders catch the attention of your visitors where they spend the most time – Browsing on their cell phone or desktop. No need to worry about open rate, bounces, spam filters or GDPR compliance!

As new shoppers visit your site, CartStack will automatically prompt them with a simple Yes or No opt-in request. The more shoppers that visit, the more your subscriber pool grows and the more opportunities you have to recover lost shoppers! Typical opt-in rates over 50%.

abandoned cart push notification opt in

Once subscribed, they’ll receive a series of up to 3 timed, gentle reminders directly in their web browser to encourage them to come back and complete their purchase.

Target All Shoppers… Not just abandoned carts

Push notifications complement an abandoned cart email campaign by reaching high-intent shoppers with messaging similar to your emails, but outside of the overcrowded inbox. 

They can also massively improve your conversion rate for low-intent (browse abandonment) shoppers as well, since the average ecommerce customer will need to interact with your brand between five and seven times before making a purchase. Push Notifications encourage these interactions and nudge your low-intent shoppers closer to becoming buyers. 

browse abandonment push notification

Coupon codes, shipping incentives, stock warnings and other scarcity tactics all pair well with a Push campaign to turn your leads from cold to blazing hot!

Device-Specific for Maximum Engagement

Shoppers will be prompted to opt-in on whichever device they use to shop on your website. Then, if they bounce, we’ll send notifications to that same device to maximize your reengagement! 

Get Started with a Multi-Channel Recovery Campaign

Are you a current customer? Just log into your account, navigate to whichever campaign you’d like to activate and follow the instructions to launch your notifications. 

Not a CartStack user yet? Sign up for a free trial and take full advantage of all of CartStack’s recovery campaigns for 14 days! Our team can assist with setup, and provide best practices to help you start recovering quickly. No credit card or commitment required.