[New Feature] CartStack + Zapier Integration Now Available

May 7, 2019

While long-term customer acquisition strategies are essential for ecommerce business growth, it’s equally important to have processes in place to take advantage of quick wins (or the “lowest hanging fruit”).

This is the reason why CartStack has become an integral piece in the marketing stack of thousands of online businesses – It automatically identifies your high-intent site visitors, captures their email data as its typed (in real time), and segments them into a recovery campaign that will help them convert quickly & pain-free!

But there will always be those that simply need more time before purchasing… Which is “low hanging fruit” that many ecommerce businesses fail to account for. You’ve captured their email address, you know what they’re interested in purchasing, but your cart or browse abandonment email didn’t get them to convert so they’re probably not going to buy, right?

Not necessarily!

Connect CartStack to Other Marketing Software with Zapier!

With the new CartStack + Zapier integration, users can automatically export leads & abandoned cart data to their email marketing software or CRM of choice. That way, if your CartStack campaigns don’t quite do the trick, you can include these shoppers in future marketing blasts and campaigns to get them to convert at a later time!

Just how much of an impact can this have, though?

Let’s do some quick math…

It’s estimated that about 40% of the shoppers that make it to your cart page will enter an email before abandoning. Since CartStack records these in real-time, you’ll capture all of them regardless of whether they make it to the next stage in your checkout. Of those, generally around 20% are recoverable.

So if 1,000 people visit the cart page, and your cart abandonment rate is around the nation average of 75%, that means:

    • 250 will complete their purchase
    • 750 will abandon their cart
    • 300 abandoned cart leads captured (40%)
    • 60 sales recovered with cart or browse abandonment emails (20%) and…


  • 240 additional leads get lost in the mix!


That’s 240 other leads that have shown you the strongest signal-of-intent to purchase from you, simply by adding a product to their cart. Not continuing to market to them is a huge leak in many online retailers’ funnels, and a massive missed opportunity.

How to Get Started with CartStack + Zapier

One of the best things about this new integration is that it requires no development knowledge to get started. We’ve put together a help doc here to show you how to set it up and our team would be happy to walk you through the process.

And if you don’t already have a Zapier account, you can sign up for free here and use up to 5 “Zaps”.