Zoey Sellers Can Now Recover More Than Just Abandoned Carts

February 28, 2019

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with B2B-focused ecommerce platform, Zoey!

Retailers on the Zoey Platform can now get integrated in minutes, and launch a variety of on-site & recovery campaigns to reengage prospects & recover lost sales.

Click here for more information on integrating CartStack with your Zoey store.

About Zoey:

Zoey’s highly extensible and customizable eCommerce platform is designed with B2B and wholesale eCommerce sellers in mind.

Zoey offers key out-of-the-box capabilities for ensuring a smooth ordering experience, including:

  • Quick order and bulk ordering capabilities
  • Quote building and custom pricing for customer inquiries
  • Customer grouping and access restrictions for customizing the catalog
  • An order portal with reorder and saved SKU capabilities
  • Pre-built themes and seamless integrations for ease of setup
  • Customer service and salesperson capabilities
  • And much more!

Combining functionality for your customer service, order management, fulfillment, and marketing teams, Zoey is the one-stop platform for running and scaling your eCommerce business.