Entrepreneur: 7 Mistakes When Launching Ecommerce Startup

August 14, 2015

A new article from Stephen Tanenbaum over at Entrepeneur.com lists seven mistakes that entrepreneurs commonly make when launching an ecommerce startup. Tanenbaum digs into the specifics as he covers some of the pitfalls that can doom an ecommerce operation before it even begins.

For example:

2. Inefficiently managing email lists. Grow your email list fast and early. It is one of the most effective ways to get people to your site later on. Add email list as a key-performance indicator when you’re measuring success (not just sales or site traffic). If you don’t, you’ll find yourself down the road with a great site but no way to reach people (for free). You’ll be stuck paying for eyeballs through advertising, sponsored content and other paid outlets.

If you’re considering starting an ecommerce company, or are in the early stages of doing so, the full list is well worth checking out.