ABLS: Making Abandoned Cart Emails Work For You

ABLS: Making Abandoned Cart Emails Work For You

A new post this week on the blog A Better Lemonade Stand highlights the importance of using recovery emails to win back abandoned carts.

The writeup from Richard Lazazzera touches on a few vital aspects of this proven strategy:

The key to use recovery emails is to present them as a service so that they are valued more. This will also encourage the shoppers to refer to recover emails, even later on, compared to other types of emails. Use these emails as nice little reminders. Make sure that there is a link that will take the shopper to his/her cart.

It is essential that you contact visitors right away to find out if you can help them, before they buy from a competitor. The sooner the better. It is recommended to send the first recovery email within the first 20-30 minutes of abandoning the cart. Those who waited for more than 24 hours saw the conversion rate go down by 50%. The next batches of recover emails could be sent – one after 24 hours and one after a week.

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