Mobile Commerce Makes Big Holiday Strides

February 13, 2014

We wrote recently about the ongoing shift of the e-commerce market to mobile devices. An article from MediaPost last week examined the dramatic increases being seen right now, pointing out that mobile commerce (or m-commerce) was a major player during the recent holidays:

Tablets and smartphones began showing significant market share improvements during the 2012 holiday season — including on Cyber Monday, when Web site visits from both devices more than doubled in one year, from 7.9% to 18.9%, according to Monetate, which assists companies like Delta, Best Buy and Macy’s use data to market online.

Another study, by the customer experience analytics firm Foresee, found similar jumps in mobile commerce activity during the year’s hottest shopping period.

Foresee, a customer experience analytics firm, saw the Index jump two points over Christmas 2011 to a score of 78 on a 100-point scale for its Holiday Retail Edition.

The study shows that the mobile platform is maturing faster than the traditional Web. However, it still complements the brick-and-mortar experience as well as boosting e-commerce activities.

Consumer shopping habits in December are good indicators of what’s to come in the following year, so we should expect sustained gains for mobile commerce going forward. This is unmistakably the direction that the market is headed, and companies who are proactive, rather than reactive, will be positioning themselves ahead of the competition going forward.

Is your site experience designed with mobile compatibility in mind? Can shoppers easily peruse your product/service selection on a small screen? Will innovations like this one-click mobile check-out app being developed by a U.K. firm add velocity to this growing trend?

These are interesting questions to consider as we watch the market gradually evolve before our eyes.