Retarget “Window Shoppers” with Browse Abandonment Emails

September 26, 2017

CartStack Pro users now have access to an entirely new marketing tool to reach site visitors that never even add anything to their cart:

Browse Abandonment Remarketing

According to Smart Insights, only about 8% of the average ecommerce store’s shoppers will add an item to their cart, and 70% of those shoppers will abandon that cart. A powerful cart abandonment email campaign can help you recover a good chunk of that lost revenue, but what about the 92% of shoppers that never make it to the cart?

With CartStack’s site-wide email capture ability, online retailers can now cast a much wider net, and send reminder emails to “window shoppers” that view product & category pages, but never place an item in their cart.


You can inject product images & information directly into the email, just like a cart recovery email & even incentivize customers with coupon codes and discounts to get them to return.

Check out how it works here:


To get started with a Browse Abandonment Email Campaign, sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial here. You’re guaranteed to recover a minimum of $1,000 during your trial, and we’ll even have our designers create you custom email templates, free of charge.