New Partnership Announcement: CartStack + 3dcart Ecommerce Platform

August 1, 2019

3DCart Users Have a New Way to Prevent & Recover Abandoning Ecommerce Customers

August 1, 2019 / Burnsville, MNCartStack today announces the launch of a new partnership with ecommerce sales platform 3DCart. CartStack works with thousands of online retailers & businesses to help them prevent & recover lost ecommerce sales due to cart abandonment or discovery failure. Bringing this functionality to 3DCart will allow users the ability to automatically send shoppers the “right message at the right time” to get them reengaged and encourage conversion. 

With CartStack, users can combine smart, powerful & personalized cart & browse abandonment email remarketing campaigns with on-site conversion campaigns to drive new sales. As shoppers navigate an ecommerce website, CartStack captures and stores valuable behavioral & contact data in real-time, in order to properly personalize a message that will encourage conversion over abandonment. If shoppers attempt to exit the site before purchasing, exit intent tools disrupt the abandonment with offers that encourage engagement, and drive conversion. Once the shopper successfully abandons the website, they are automatically segmented into highly-personalized cart abandonment or browse abandonment email campaigns that bring them back to complete their purchase.

This provides 3DCart users an alternative to the outdated practice of running a basic “set it and forget it” abandoned cart plugin, the results of which typically pale in comparison. Where these basic plugins often require excessive development to integrate, limited personalization options and a much lower lead-capture rate, CartStack was specifically developed with these challenges in mind to maximize customer results with minimum effort and cost. This is why the average CartStack email campaign gets between 40 – 60% open rates, 10%+ click-through rates, and helps users recover an average of 20% of their lost sales. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with 3DCart on this initiative to bring their users a new way to recover lost ecommerce customers. Cart abandonment is a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon, and requires a strategy that personalizes customer experience over using a scattergun approach. We hope that, through this partnership, 3DCart customers can begin to dial in their customer recovery strategy, reduce their cart & browse abandonment rates significantly and drive new sales that create customers for life.”