Practical Ecommerce: 6 Reasons To Use Instagram For Ecommerce

July 3, 2015

Social media is a tricky subject for marketers and ecommerce professionals. Clearly it is an area where companies to be active in today’s digital environment. Yet there are so many different platforms and channels, with so many different unique features and functions, that deciding where to direct your attention and resources can be a major challenge.

A new post on the Practical Ecommerce blog makes a good case for Instagram as a valuable ecommerce tool. The online media-sharing site, made famous by selfies and filters, is probably not the first one you think of as a business apparatus, but its rapid growth and engaging nature have turned it into more appealing channel for connecting with people.

Here are a couple of the compelling points listed by Paul Chaney:

Business focus. Instagram created a section of its site directed toward business use, and plans to launch an advertising platform in the near future.

Marketing friendly. Unlike Facebook, Instagram uses no algorithm to gauge what people see. Every post appears to followers and remains in the gallery and archives.

Visual marketing and branding. Due to its ease of use and suite of photo-editing tools, Instagram’s platform is well suited to visual marketing and creative branding.

You can find the full article and explanations here. When building your social marketing plan, keep Instagram in mind alongside the usual staples like Twitter and Facebook.