When to Send Cart Abandonment Reminder Emails

June 22, 2016

Timing is Everything

Time is of the essence when it comes to abandoned cart reminder emails. Why is it that most e-commerce marketing emails have an average open rate of 16%, while CartStack customers have an average open rate of 50%? Our emails are drastically more engaging than average marketing emails because they are timely, relevant, and personalized. Follow these tips and make sure time is on your side for your cart recovery campaign.


Know Your Goals

Are you hoping to see short-term or long-term results? The answer should be both! A cart recovery campaign is different from a long-term nurture campaign. Both long-term and short-term campaigns are super valuable, but they use different timing and achieve different goals.

CartStack specializes in that short-term, hot period while interest is high, while a tool like ConvertKit specializes in nurturing relationships over time. Cart recovery emails focus on enticing your customers back to complete the purchases that are fresh on their mind, while a long-term campaign helps you maintain trust and interest in your company for the long haul.

We recommend using CartStack in conjunction with a long-term nurture campaign. Click the Export button on the send archive page of your CartStack account to add the email addresses we capture into your long-term nurture campaign.


You can edit the send settings of your cart reminder emails on the
Templates page of your account. You can choose to send up to 3 emails, for up to 1 month after a cart has been abandoned.



It’s very important that the first email is sent within one hour of the cart being abandoned. Remember, we want to engage customers while shopping is still fresh on their mind. Most CartStack customers send the first email 20 or 30 minutes after abandonment.

There is more flexibility in the timing for your second and third emails. We recommend sending the second email 1-3 days after a cart has been abandoned, and the third email 4-7 days after after the cart has been abandoned. However, these are general guidelines, so feel free to test different send times to determine what gives you the best results!

Ready to optimize your email campaign? Visit the Templates page of your account to adjust the send settings for your emails.

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