Why High-Quality Product Photography Matters

October 26, 2021

If you want to increase conversions on product pages and create a strong brand on your website, high-quality product photography is a part of that solution. It is important to highlight all of a product’s features, bring attention to their purpose and solution it creates, and emphasize their uniqueness. An experienced product photography studio can help you with that. 

Our trusted partners, Results Imagery, offer a variety of media services and can help you develop an appealing product page. We encourage businesses to invest in high-quality product photography to ensure their brand stands out. Here’s a look at some reasons why professional photography is essential.

1.First Impression on Customers

With the current eCommerce landscape, we all can agree that we have seconds to create a lasting impression on shoppers that will hopefully turn into a purchasing transaction. That first impression is typically always made through an image. An image that either increases or decreases the likelihood of a shopper turning into a customer. The power of a professional hero image that quickly showcases your product in a professional manner will speak volumes to your website traffic.

Every shopper wants to quickly build trust with the brand they are wanting to make a purchase from. That trust always kicks off with the first impression of the media that is displayed to them. Do not kick off your potential long term relationship through a lack of strong media.

2. Brand Identity

A successful brand knows how to establish a strong brand identity through images, which is very important in the online competitive business environment. Customers today can quickly pick up what they are looking at and whether or not it has a brand behind it or just another  fly-by-night product. They don’t hesitate to research, read reviews, look at product videos, etc,

before they buy an item. It is easy to get lost in all of the noise if you don’t have a consistent

message and theme.

Professional photographers can assist in establishing a brand identity by making sure all images match the brand’s identity and theming. For example, if your company is in the outdoors niche yet does not showcase imagery that assists in supporting that, it’ll be a longer sales cycle. 

3. Buyer Decision

Product photography has a big impact on a customer’s purchasing decisions. It provides

information about the item’s size, color, texture, features, and quality. Many times customers rely so heavily on professional imagery they may refuse to buy your product unless they see accurate image representation of them. Successful brands understand buyer behavior and know how to offer an image that showcases all of the features that will drive sales.

4. Marketing and Visibility

The power of strong media can be one of the key factors of increasing conversions with your marketing efforts. Like mentioned above, professional, creative and unique media to your brand not only can drive engagement in your marketing campaigns but it can help with stronger visibility. Creating assets that are engaging will push your brand further on social media through  organic measures like sharing, liking, and commenting. Images only get engagement through fun, emotional, storytelling theming. To increase overall marketing conversion efforts, put your best media at play and tell a story that will speak to your audience that will pull them in emotionally to make a purchase.

5. Accurate Product Information

Most shoppers shop quickly from tab-to-tab, listing-to-listing, so having an accurate representation of your products through the images they are quickly presented is imperative to increasing conversions. If your listing only presents one image of the front of your product and lacks images that accurately portrays the details and features of your product, your conversions will quickly decrease. Why make your audience search through product descriptions and product reviews when you can showcase all of your products features quickly through a quick swipe of the thumb or click of the mouse. Offering quick and digestible media right up front can do nothing but help the purchasing decision.

Media Variety

The great part of photography is all of it is unique to your brand, creates return on your investment, a way to tell a story behind the product and creates emotional purchasing decisions. There is a large variety of photography options to choose from. Below are some of the styles of media you can seek out for your brand:

Overall, having a strong online presence of your product through dynamic imagery will help your brand with an advantage over your competitors. Top that with a strong abandon cart solution like CartStack, your overall conversion metrics will improve drastically.

If you have any questions about your product photography, reach out to Results Imagery, our trusted media partners and they are more than happy to offer support and guidance with your brands media.