RezRecover: CartStack’s New Booking Recovery Solution for Hospitality

June 8, 2022

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new version of CartStack aimed specifically at helping hotels, vacation rentals, and other reservation-based businesses recover lost bookings. We call it RezRecover.

This new update brings a set of tools & features that hoteliers can implement to:

  • Amplify campaign results and recovered booking revenue
  • Maximize email engagement with super-personalized content
  • Display conditional offers and other content based on abandoned booking dates & other visitor data
  • Get more visitors on the phone with your on-site representatives
  • Keep potential customers on your website and discourage abandoned bookings altogether.

Automated Email Personalization with BEDS© (Booking Engine Data Sync)

hotel email personalization with BEDS

BEDS© is our proprietary personalization feature developed specifically for hotels, so that you don’t have to! Our booking engine integration records data from your visitors’ abandoned bookings, and injects it into your reminders to maximize personalization. Use it to display:

  • Abandoned Travel Dates
  • Room Information
  • Property Information
  • Availability
  • Special Offers
  • And more…

Personalized emails recover around 5% more lost bookings, on average!

Display Dynamic Content with Conditional Content Blocks

conditional content block hotels

Our Conditional Content engine automatically updates the content of your emails based on the abandoned booking data.

For example, maybe you’d like to offer a discount to re-attract visitors who abandon bookings during your off-season. Or perhaps you’d like to display seasonal banners, based on the abandoned dates.

The possibilities are unlimited with Conditional Content Blocks! Choose from our “common conditions” or create your own custom conditions with ease!

Keep Track of Call-Ins with Phone Call Tracking

phone call tracking hotels

Booking a hotel room online can be an uncomfortable process for some travelers. There are often unanswered questions and other barriers keeping would-be customers from completing their reservation… leading to abandoned bookings.

Oftentimes, a phone call is all that is needed to ease their mind and encourage them to book!

With Phone Call Tracking, we’ll give you a custom phone number to append to your reminders, so that you can keep track of how many new calls RezRecover is generating for your on-site sales staff.

New Booking Abandonment Email Templates

booking abandonment email example rezrecover

We’ve created a set of new booking reminder email templates that can be easily customized in no-time, using our drag & drop email builder.

New Customer? Customize your favorite template to launch a booking reminder campaign in minutes!

Existing Customer? Try out one of the new emails as an A/B split test to ensure your campaigns are converting at their highest potential.

New On-Site Campaign Templates (Exit Intent, Welcome Offers, etc)

hotel exit intent offer rezrecover

Along with our new email templates, we’ve added a new set of Welcome Offer & Exit Intent Offer templates.

Choose your favorite design, and our customer success design team will get to work creating a version that matches your brand, and helps you capture new leads to empower your recovery campaigns.

Increase Email Deliverability (And Results) with Custom Domain Sending

custom domain email deliverability

Natively, reminder emails are sent from CartStack’s trusted domains. But, as good as they are, our domains are still no match for yours in the eyes of most email service providers.

A Custom Domain Setup ensures that the domains your emails are sent from match the links inside of the email, which ESPs love! This keeps your messages out of the spam folder, off the promotions tab, and gives your reminders the highest chance for success.

Reengage Distracted Visitors with Abandoned Tab Notifications

engage distracted shoppers with abandoned tab notifications image

Abandoned Tab Notifications improve your website’s retention & conversion rates by monitoring when your almost-bookers open a new browser tab.

After a few seconds, we’ll update the favicon, title & emit a chime to remind your easily-distracted shoppers to come back and complete their booking!

Done-For-You Conversion Rate Optimization with Optimize

cartstack optimize main image

We’ve been in the business of recovering lost revenue for a long time!

With Optimize, customers can leverage the years of experience & knowledge our team has gained helping thousands of hotels recover lost booking revenue. We’ll run subject line split tests, try out new emails, adjust timers and launch new on-site campaigns… all with the goal of helping you recover more revenue.

Conversion rate optimizations done-for-you, and with you!

Other Upcoming Features:

  • Advanced Reporting for hospitality
  • One-Time Email & SMS Blasts to reengage older prospects
  • Social Proof Notifications to induce FOMO
  • And more!

Want to learn more about RezRecover?

We’d love to give you a personalized tour! Click here to pick a time and date that works for you.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can learn all about RezRecover on the new RezRecover website here.