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Wouldn’t it be nice if you got to keep more of your hotel revenue? There’s no denying that OTA bookings (Expedia, are a vital source of revenue for any and every hotel. But that doesn’t mean direct website bookings can’t be your highest-performing booking channel! In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Using a combination of multi-channel messaging & on-site targeting, RezRecover takes all of the ways in which you promote, market and advertise your hotel website, and amplifies your results by helping to re-engage & recover potential guests!

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Recovery Campaigns + On Site Retargeting =
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Building a comprehensive hotel marketing strategy is no simple task. Hoteliers put immense time and effort towards advertising, social media and digital marketing for their hotel businesses, all with one main goal: Increased Profitability.

So what’s the problem?

On average, around 82% of hotel website visitors will start to book direct, but abandon your website before completing their booking... Driving acquisition costs through the roof.

The solution: RezRecover

Recovery Campaigns work by tracking these visitors on your website and storing important information as they do their research. We even record their email address from anywhere on your site, as they’re typed, in real-time! Then, if they abandon before completing their booking, we’ll send them a series of personalized email, SMS & web push reminders to encourage them to come back.


On-site Campaigns keep your visitors on the page with targeted messaging, actively encouraging them to book while attempting to capture contact information before they leave.

Most hotels recover around 16% of lost direct bookings with RezRecover!

Recovery Campaigns

To remind, re-engage and recover abandoned bookings.

Email Reminders

Recovery Campaign

Recapture Lost Online Booking Revenue with Booking Abandonment Emails

Booking Abandonment emails are highly personalized reminders, sent to visitors who started to book, but abandoned the booking process. These emails are the number one revenue driver for the thousands of hotels using RezRecover.

Simply choose an email template from our vast library of hotel emails, customize it with drag & drop ease, and you’re ready to launch a campaign!

RezRecover’s proprietary BEDS (Booking Engine Data Sync) technology automatically personalizes your reminders with the visitor’s abandoned travel dates, room and property information to maximize your results... No complicated development required!

Reengage Interested Travelers with Browse Abandonment Emails

Browse Abandonment emails target warm leads and prospects who have only recently become familiar with your brand. They’re typically sent to newer visitors who hit certain non-booking pages on your website toencourage re-engagament... then recovery!

These emails help you recover lost bookings by taking a softer approach, offering assistance and gentle reminders to “come back and book when ready”.

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Display Dynamic Content with Conditional Content Blocks

Offer a discount to visitors who abandon bookings during your off-season. Display seasonal banners, based on the abandoned dates. The possibilities are unlimited with Conditional Content Blocks!

Choose from our “common conditions” or create your own custom conditions with ease!

Automated Email Personalization with BEDS© (Booking Engine Data Sync)

BEDS© is our proprietary personalization feature developed specifically for hotels, so that you don’t have to! Our deep booking engine integration records data from your visitors’ abandoned bookings, and injects it into your reminders to maximize personalization. Use it to display:

  • Travel Dates
  • Room Information
  • Property Information
  • Availability
  • Special Offers
  • And more...

Personalized emails recover around 5% more lost bookings, on average!

SMS Reminders

Recovery Campaign

Send Targeted Text Message Reminders to Potential Guests

SMS Text Message Campaigns are gentle reminders & offers sent directly to your abandoners’ cell inbox for quick & easy engagement. And, considering the fact that over 50% of bookings are abandoned on mobile phones, an SMS campaign ensures you’ll be reaching many of them on the exact device they abandoned from.

Where emails typically result in the highest rate of recovered revenue, SMS messages receive the highest engagement of any RezRecovercampaign. Think about it... How often do you leave a text message unread? Especially one that you opted into...

Booking Abandonment SMS reminders ensure that you get your message in front of your visitors’ eyes, outside of the overcrowded inbox.

Custom Phone Numbers
Automatic Link-Shortener
Pre-Built Campaign Drips

Web Push Reminders

Recovery Campaign

Stay Top of Mind with
Web Push Notifications

A Web Push Reminder campaign allows you to build a list of engaged subscribers without capturing email addresses! If a subscriber abandons your website before booking, they’ll receive a series of on-screen, clickable reminders encouraging them to return... Giving you another way to get your message in front of more eyes, outside of the email inbox!

Like email, there are two types of web push campaigns you can launch to recover reservations:

Booking Abandonment
Web Push (High-Intent)

Target visitors who started & abandoned the booking process.

Browse Abandonment
Web Push (Low Intent)

Target visitors who haven’t yet started the booking process.

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On-Site Retargeting

To engage visitors, decrease abandoned bookings & capture contact info.

Exit Intent Offers

On-Site Retargeting

Exit Intent Offers help drive on-page conversion rates up, booking abandonment rates down, and supply your recovery email campaigns with a steady flow of engaged leads!

When a visitor attempts to abandon the booking process, we’ll quickly display a targeted offer to disrupt their exit. This provides the perfect opportunity to offer potential guests an incentive in exchange for their email address. Then, if they still abandon, we’ll queue them up for a booking abandonment reminder!

Welcome Offers

On-Site Retargeting

Welcome Offers are perfect for gaining newsletter subscribers, sweepstakes entries, or even just to let your visitors know about active promotions & specials. Unlike exit intent, welcome offers are shown to all of your visitors (not just those about to exit) in an attempt to capture new leads & encourage engagement with your brand.

Social Proof Notifications

On-Site Retargeting

When someone is in the process of making a booking decision, it helps to know others have made the same decision! In fact, customers are around 90% more likely to trust a peer than an advertisement. Social Proof Notifications (coming soon) increase your conversion rate by showing potential guests that others like them like & trust your brand.

(Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)

Integrate in Seconds with Your Booking Engine or PMS

RezRecover integrates just like Google Analytics, or any other tracking software you may use. It’s as simple as adding a custom tracking snippet into your booking engine’s global header! Once added, we’ll track users at every stage of the customer journey, capturing relevant data on their visit... Data that you can then use to personalize your reminders!

Zapier Connection

With RezRecover actively tracking & recording email inputs in real-time, you are going to capture about 3-5 times more leads than any other tool on your site. Our Zapier connection ensures that any lead we capture also makes it into your email marketing software or CRM! That way, if RezRecover doesn’t get them back, you can include them in future marketing blasts to get them to convert when the timing is right.

Additional Tools that Empower Your Direct Hotel Bookings

In our Conversion Toolkit, you’ll find a set of tools aimed specifically at empowering your recovery campaigns & increasing your conversion rate.

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing allows you to find the perfect messaging that gets results! Want to improve your email campaign open rates? Run a subject line split test! Ready to identify which email template resonates the best with your potential customers? Launch a content split test!

Our easy-to-use widget sends half of your recipients one version of your message, and another version to the other half, helping you to identify what works and (more importantly) what doesn’t.

Real-Time Abandonment Notifications

When a potential customer abandons their booking, RezRecover can send a message to notify someone on your team. Hotels with sales staff use this feature to identify high-value customers, and supply their sales team with a steady stream of super-qualified leads!

Phone Call Tracking

Potential guests will oftentimes abandon their reservation simply due to unanswered questions. For this reason, a booking abandonment reminder can be a great way to encourage phone calls from inquisitive travelers. Phone call tracking makes it easy to tell how many calls RezRecover generated for your hotel, by providing you a custom phone number to use in your reminders.

Form Auto-Refill

Form Auto-Refill saves the form field data (Name, Address, Phone, etc) entered by your visitors before they abandoned. Then, when they return to the site, we’ll repopulate whichever fields you choose, making it just a little bit easier for them to complete their reservation.

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Don’t just take our word for it...

Hear what others are saying!

  • Have been using Carstack for over half a year now and absolutely love the tool and service. We managed to recover over $100K in lost revenue, so (we’re) very happy! Adam is awesome and is there to support along the way. Would recommend the tool to anyone!

    Caribbious Solutions
  • The automated follow-up for the person that lingers over that final "Book Now" button and moves away, is a great addition to our sales efforts. The ability to do A/B testing keeps us getting better. We have captured about $100,000 in business this year that might have been lost.

    Padre Island Rentals
  • We started using CartStack at 2 independent hotels in Q1 of 2021. It has always been a goal to increase book direct contribution and using the CartStack cart abandonment emails has been a way to reach out to our potential guests directly and lay out the book direct benefits. The real time reporting is fantastic and we were able to A/B test different versions of our messaging and analyze the response.

    Real Hospitality Group

Frequently Asked Questions for Hoteliers

  • How does RezRecover capture contact information?

    RezRecover’s tracking snippet tracks the activity of your visitors as they navigate your website. If they type an email anywhere on your website (booking page, contact page, live chat, popup offers, etc), we’ll capture it in real-time. Then if they abandon before booking, we’ll queue them up for a reminder!

  • Is RezRecover CANSPAM, CCPA & GDPR Compliant?

    RezRecover is fully CANSPAM compliant right out of the box. For EU customers, we’ll just need to inject a simple checkbox to gain explicit permission from your visitors, before sending reminders.

  • Is there a free trial?

    Not only do we offer you a 14 day free trial (no credit card or commitment required up front), we’ll also give you our $1,000 Guarantee... Meaning you’ll recover at least $1,000 in lost bookings, even if it takes longer than 14 days.

Want Someone to Design, Launch & Manage Your Campaigns?

Don’t have the resources to incorporate RezRecover into your direct booking strategy? No problem! Our managed service, Optimize, is a done-for-you solution to setup, design, launch & continually optimize your recovery marketing campaigns!

Our internal team takes the years of hotel industry experience + customer recovery knowledge at our fingertips, and applies it directly to your business to grow your direct bookings for you... Giving you time to focus on top-of-funnel marketing campaigns! Optimize can even replace a person on your marketing team!

Learn More About Optimize

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