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18 Jul 2023

Hotel SEO: Boosting Your Hotel Website’s Search Visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be a go-to strategy for hotel marketing, especially to increase direct bookings – but it isn’t. When scored against SEO best practices, a recent report ...

15 Jun 2023
reputation management for hotels

The Importance of Hotel Reputation Management for Increasing Direct Bookings

In today’s digital age, online reviews have become an influential factor in travelers’ decision-making process. They hold the key to attracting more guests, boosting direct bookings, and ultimately increasing your ...

13 Jun 2023

How to Leverage Social Media to Increase Your Hotel Direct Bookings

Are you a hotelier grappling with the burden of sky-high commission fees demanded by online travel agencies (OTAs)? OTAs may seem like a necessary evil to keep occupancy rates high, ...

8 Jun 2023

10 Simple but Effective Direct Booking Tactics for Your Hotel Website

Online travel agencies, like Expedia and, charge commissions as high as 15-30% per booking, which have a nasty way of eating into your hotel’s direct booking revenue. OTA commissions ...

31 May 2023
guest satisfaction

Are You Ghosting Your Guests Without Even Realizing It?

Guests feeling overlooked can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction, ultimately damaging your hotel’s reputation and bottom line You might be familiar with the term “ghosting” in the context of dating ...

18 May 2023
the decline of airbnb

#AirbnbHorrorStory Video Goes Viral: So How Can Hotels Cash In on the Potential Decline of Airbnb?

By now, most of us are familiar with the origin story of Airbnb. In fact, the Airbnb founder story is popularly dubbed as one of the most inspiring entrepreneurial stories ...

4 May 2023
hotel guest personas

5 Guest Personas And What It Takes To Convert Them Into Loyal Direct Bookers That Spend More

In the world of the hotel industry, where the rate of travelers abandoning their reservations can be significant, hoteliers are constantly searching for ways to optimize their establishments and increase ...

28 Apr 2023
optimize online experiences for hotel guests

5 Ways to Optimize Online Experiences to Reach a New Generation of Hotel Guests

Strategies and technology can help hotels recover a lost bookings, enhance guest relationships, and generate more direct revenue For those of us who grew up wrestling with the novel dysfunction ...

19 Apr 2023
rezrecover press release

Press Release: RezRecover Announced as Bronze Sponsor of HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference 2023 in Toronto

Meet the team from RezRecover who have helped hotels recapture over  $325M in lost bookings for leading hotels worldwide MINNEAPOLIS, MIN (June 6, 2023) –  Attendees at this year’s highly ...

3 Apr 2023

Increase Your Hotel Sales in 2023 with These 15 Crucial Strategies

Introduction After several turbulent years, hotel sales are finally on the rebound after the pandemic-induced industry recession. In 2023, revenue per available room (RevPAR) is forecast to grow at a ...