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9 Mar 2023

Grow Online Ticket Sales with These Vital Customer Recovery Tools

Cart abandonment is an invisible revenue drain like no other, responsible for nearly $18B in lost revenue each ...

28 Feb 2023
hotel data recovered revenue

​​How Data Plays Into Crafting the Personalized Guest Experience

How to put guest data to work to create meaningful and personal touchpoints, craft messages uniquely suited to ...

24 Feb 2023
booking recovery

Recovery Campaigns: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance – To Book Direct That Is

Don’t be part of a statistic of growing reservation abandonment rates with strategies to turn lost sales into ...

22 Feb 2023

How Changes at Google are Impacting the Hospitality Industry

Jimmy Wales once said, “If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.” In many ways, Wales was correct ...

14 Feb 2023
causes of hotel cart abandonment

The Top 5 Reasons Why Hotel Guests Look But Don’t Book

We are all familiar with ‘buyer’s remorse’ – but what about a buyer’s hesitation? The moment a consumer ...

6 Feb 2023
online booking trends 2023

Online Booking Trends and Stats Every Hotelier Should Know

In less than 85 days, 2022 will come to a close as we usher in 2023. It’s hard ...

3 Feb 2023
cart abandonment checklist

The Cart Abandonment Checklist: A Guide for Ecommerce Marketers

Abandoned carts are a goldmine for ecommerce businesses but most of them don’t even realize it. Only 19% ...

19 Jan 2023

The Recipe for a Successful Booking Abandonment Recovery Campaign

If you’re looking to run the most successful booking abandonment campaign you’ve ever had, this is going to ...

16 Jan 2023
customer retention software graphic header

5 Ways to Optimize Hotel Websites for Increased Conversions and Fewer Abandoned Bookings

As a hotel marketer, you understand the importance of having a website that is optimized for conversions. With ...