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8 Jun 2022

RezRecover: CartStack’s New Booking Recovery Solution for Hospitality

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new version of CartStack aimed specifically at helping hotels, vacation ...

27 May 2022

14+ Powerful Confirmation Email Templates And Examples

Just as you would receive a receipt in a brick and mortar shop, it’s standard for online businesses ...

24 May 2022

10 Customer Retention Metrics You Need To Improve In 2022

I’m sure you’d agree that bringing in new customers is a major focus of every company, but new ...

14 May 2022

Audience Segmentation for Ecommerce… Made Simple

Audience segmentation is arguably the most important step to a digital marketing strategy. According to a study by ...

13 May 2022
winback emails graphic header

Winback Emails: Campaign Examples and Best Practices

There’s no denying that winning back the loyalty of customers is a difficult task. With the rise of ...

11 May 2022
what is sms marketing graphic

What Is SMS Marketing? The Complete Guide For 2022

Admit it, each time you hear a text message arrive on your phone, you find yourself checking that ...

9 May 2022
customer retention software graphic header

7+ Best Customer Retention Software for 2022 (A Review)

Customer retention software is key for any business, but especially businesses in the eCommerce space. It can be ...

6 May 2022
customer retention graphic

Customer Retention Strategies That’ll 3X The Growth of Your Business

Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of any business, yet it’s often overlooked. The chances ...

11 Apr 2022

The 12 Best Exit Intent Popup Examples (121%+ Conversion Boost)

Pop-ups, like exit intent pop-ups, have caught a bad rap because quite frankly – they’re annoying. But when ...

8 Apr 2022
ecommerce optimization graphic

Ecommerce Optimization: 12 Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales In 2022

Ecommerce optimization may sound like an overcomplicated process, but it’s an important process used to increase sales. Did ...